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We follow a clear process for every smart home, working directly with homeowners or helping design professionals with their projects.

01 Meet

What do you want to do with your smart home? We’ll need to have a chat about the features that are important to you. That could be over the phone, but meeting in person is always nice, either at your home or at our demonstration facility in North London. Here we can offer friendly advice and show you the different systems we provide too.

We’ll explain all the different technology and functionality, advise on different brands and then put together an estimate for you. This will help you see which systems represent value for you: everyone has a budget they’re comfortable with and we genuinely want to supply what you need, not just sell stacks of equipment. Now we have a specification ready for design.

02 Design

We understand what you want in your smart home but we need to refine your design and produce an itemised price for all the equipment and labour required for the system. We’ll produce a clear set of drawings that show where everything goes, the wiring required and detailed elevations of exactly what’s needed for our AV storage, or the home cinema. This is the information your contractors will need to get to work on site.

The final finish means a lot to us and we want to enhance the look of your home, not ruin it, so we work closely with your designers to assist in the detailed design for any TVs or joinery that houses our equipment. At this point you will have a complete plan for your new smart home, accurate pricing to sign off and we’re ready to start on site.

03 Install

Once the project is on site an installation manager will be assigned who will make frequent visits to answer any questions and support the rest of the team. Their first job will be to delivery our specialist cables to your electrical contractor who will follow our drawings to install them (often referred to as the 1st fix). Our experienced technicians will then take over, testing and terminating cables around the home and getting things ready for our final equipment installation. We’ll keep you updated with our progress, update your order as required and help you choose an Internet provider.

Once the site is clean and painted we’ll be ready to come back and install TVs and other more delicate equipment. That does often mean we’re the last team on site, but our technicians are tidy and always take their shoes off. We’ll provide all the equipment we need, including sockets, cables, the central storage enclosures and the AV equipment such as TVs and Sonos. We do this to make things simpler for you, and also to ensure our total responsibility over the whole system and installation.

04 Handover

When the work is all done it’s time for us to personalise the system with you. We’ll help you setup all your accounts and apps to control your new smart home and then make sure everything is working correctly. We’ll test and adjust your whole-house WiFi, and give it a name and password that you request. We’ll show you how to use everything, and how to troubleshoot if you get any issues. We’ll create scenes and set things up just how you want them.

All of this often happens when you’re trying to move in! But don’t worry we’ll come back again a week or two later to sit down again and answer any questions. And you can always contact our support team if you need a little help.

05 Support

Our systems are designed around remote support and maintenance. We have different packages that suit different levels of system and customer requirements. We can remotely administer your WiFi network, and even reboot Sky boxes when they freeze. We’ll give you this capability too, so you can try to fix things yourself, but our support team are there for everything else – just email our ticketed helpdesk and we’ll get on it.

Most of the time we can fix issues remotely, keeping callouts to a minimum, but handily they’re half-price for our Tech Support customers.

Get support

01 Consult

We work as a part of your design team, getting involved as early as possible during the process much like an M&E consultant or interior designer. The earlier we can discuss plans with your client the better so we can minimise alterations to your scheme by having the client’s requirements correctly detailed at the tender stage, showing precise cabling and setting-out. We’ve a lot of experience designing smart homes and can advise on space requirements, ventilation, loading, and best design practices for all AV equipment, home cinema, automated blinds, lighting etc.

We can provide CPD sessions in your office, please contact us for details.

If you’re working on a development we understand the importance of flexibility and good value, providing ready-to-use systems for basic TV, telephone and Internet. Our design consultancy for multi-dwelling units can define whole-building TV, CCTV, video entry and other systems for inclusion in an M&E specification.

Energy management and lighting control systems can make high-end properties stand out from the crowd, as will our fit-out for show homes. We provide clear costs, clear drawings and marketing ‘tick-boxes’ – i.e. ‘ready for surround sound’ – with equipment costs deferred to the purchaser.

02 Design

Our founder has a design background and we take care to provide clear documentation and drawings, usually by making our own layers on existing CAD. We produce drawings in-house for each project; clear, colour-coded and loved by electrical contractors. In addition to layout and schematic drawings, we will work with architects and designers to provide setting-out elevations for TVs and other specialist items. We usually advise that you provide a design intent drawing and then let us work up the detail for you, providing the joiner with everything they’ll need to know to progress to drawings for construction.

03 Tender

We’ll package our design information into a specification that can be supplied for pricing at tender, however since we are also a contractor it is usual for us to be nominated by the client. Our drawings and specification will help the main and electrical contractor correctly price the work they need to do in connection with our design: 1st fixing cables, providing containment and 230v power, cutting speaker holes etc.

If you have a project tender and you’d like us to provide a price, please get in touch

04 Project Manage

We manage the project on site, supplying all the equipment we need for installation by our skilled technicians who work to a very high standard of finish. We provide on-site coordination between trades, where our experience and understanding of the building process allows us to effectively communicate between the contractors and the clients. A dedicated installation manager will coordinate requests from site – for alterations or details – with the architect, designer and our team.  We setup, program and customise the system, then handover to the client and provide any on-site training, along with as-built drawings.