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Our mission is to enhance your life at home by making clever technology simple and fun.

Track Record

182 Completed projects
11 Years in business

About Us

Pinchpoint was founded in 2013 by Joel, who has a design background and has been creating and managing smart home installations since 2005.

We have a showroom in Islington, North London, where you can try out Lutron, Sonos, and all the other systems we provide. Let us know if you’d like to visit and we can talk about your home over a coffee or a beer.

Brands & Partners



Technology is clever, but using it should be simple. Simplicity can be achieved through thoughtful reduction: less stuff means less cost and less to go wrong.


No one can make a perfect system, but thoughtful design will reduce common faults and make them quicker to resolve by the user or our support team.


Taking pride in our work to provide a high quality, professional installation is repectful of our clients homes, more reliable and easier to maintain.


We genuinely want to provide only the technology that is appropriate for each customer, not just sell stacks of equipment.


Spending the right time on installation and using good quality products from proven brands is better value and more sustainable.