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Every smart home is different, made up of various systems that can work alone or together.

WiFi & Network

Perhaps the most important smart home system is the network because this is how all the other devices talk to each other. We find a hidden, central location to install our network hub then hard-wire as many devices as we can using hidden Cat6 cabling, because it is more robust and leaves the WiFi clearer for things that really need it, like your smartphone.


Enjoy brilliant sound all over your home with a Sonos system that’s expertly installed. We’ve been working with Sonos since it was launched in 2006 and we are recommended installers for Smart Home Sounds. In addition to the standalone One and Five, we can offer a more custom and discreet installation with ceiling speakers, garden speakers, and perfectly installed soundbars for home cinema and TV. We configure all the voice control and integrations with our other systems too.

Customers love Sonos because it is so easy to use, with hifi quality sound and with options suitable for different room sizes and setups. Enjoy full control of your system with the Sonos app where you can adjust the volume and group speakers to play in sync, or choose an album using voice control from Alexa or Google Home. Sonos supports all major streaming services as well as radio stations, and there’s Airplay 2 so you send podcasts straight from your iPhone.

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Lutron Lighting

Still adjusting 4 dimmer knobs to different levels? Want to turn the whole house off when you leave? With a smart lighting system from Lutron a single button will recall your favourite settings for ‘morning’, ‘dinner time’ or anything else you can think of. We do all the programming so it’s simple to use, but with powerful features like timeclock automation, smartphone control and occupancy sensors.


The lights are controlled from neat keypads – with custom engraved buttons so you know what each one does – as well as from your smartphone and your voice. We spend time with you and your family to ensure simple usability and provide useful scenes, like ‘whole house off’ and a ‘holiday mode’. We can advise on your lighting design too, to make sure you’re getting the most from your system.

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Automated Blinds

Take full control of the light in your home with automated blinds and curtains. Lutron’s silent automated blinds look great as they always stay perfectly aligned. They add convenience for all homes, especially those with lots of windows or large sliding or bifold doors. Operated from the same keypads used for your lights, you can have one button to operate both – for example a button labelled ‘Bedtime’ will close blinds whilst adjusting lights to a low level.

We can program the blinds to open in the morning as a natural wake-up alarm, or you could ask Siri to close them when go to bed. Then when you leave the house, close all your blinds from a single button. We’ll help you make fabric choices based on your requirements for light filtering and privacy.

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Home Cinema

Whether it’s for movie nights with the family or big-screen online gaming, a real cinema in your own home is the best way to enjoy the latest in picture and sound. We use 4K projectors and immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound, all operated from a single remote control as well as with your voice, and we can integrate with smart lights and blinds too, blocking out ambient light automatically.

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated cinema room we can hide all the equipment in your living room, the screen lowering itself only when needed and with all the speakers hidden discreetly. There are lots of options for equipment that will vary depending on the design of the room and joinery, and we’ll work through those with you to make sure everything is neat and professional.

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We supply the latest TVs and install them beautifully. We understand all the different technologies and have tested the latest products so can advise on the best type and size for your room. If you want Sky TV we can order and arrange it for you, plus provide our own professional dish installation so it is neater and better hidden. We love Sky, but know from experience that the boxes freeze, so we make it easy to for you to reboot them, with a simple button or voice command, or you can ask one of our support technicians to do it remotely.

Streaming services will work perfectly because of your wired network and excellent WiFi. We’ll coordinate the design of any custom joinery to make sure everything fits neatly when our technicians professionally install the TVs. Big 4K TVs are perfect for gaming and we will connect all your consoles too.

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Control4 provides a way to integrate the different smart home systems in your home into a single touchscreen, so you can instantly view shades that are open, lights that are on, or who is standing at the front door —and take immediate control.

We use Control4 where appropriate to simplify and tidy, replacing the need to clutter a wall with thermostats, heating controls and video entry monitors. Their all-in-one handheld remotes feature an on-screen display designed specifically for entertainment so you can easily start up the cinema with one button.

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Voice Control

Voice control is familiar to many, but perhaps not as well used as it could be. It’s incredibly simple but powerful when paired with the smart home systems we provide. Tell Alexa ‘it’s bedtime’ and your child’s lights will dim, blinds will lower, and their favourite playlist of calming music will begin. Turn off the TV as you head to bed, or maybe even the whole ground floor.

It’s especially useful in the kitchen too, so you can brighten the worktop or lower the volume when your hands are all messy. It’s one of our favourite things in a smart home, and we’re experts at integrating lights, blinds, music and anything else with all the common voice control systems.

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Video Doorbells & CCTV

Whether it’s a Nest Hello or a flush-mouted, fingerprint-enabled Doorbird panel, video doorbells are one of the most requested and most used items in a smart home. Never miss a visitor with calls routed direct to your smartphone, as well as touchscreens around the home.

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CCTV can help you feel more secure at home enabling you to check on the driveway or export recordings should something happen to your property. View cameras from in-wall touchpanels, or on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Heating & AC

We’ll work with your contractor to make sure you have the best control of your heating and AC systems. We can advise on how to hide away the thermostats to keep things neat, and which systems are best for app control or smart home integration.

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